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Tree & Shrub Planting & Installation

Nothing changes the look of a landscape like planting trees and shrubs

The things that are sometimes overlooked when it comes to tree & shrub planting is knowing what kind of conditions will be needed to grow into a healthy mature tree. At Aspen Landscape Services Ltd we understand what new planted trees and shrubs require.

As an Alberta Certified Journeyman Landscape Gardener company, Aspen Landscape Services Ltd can answer all your questions including:

How big will that new tree get and does its new planting site have the room for it to grow?

  • What are the soil conditions? Is there proper drainage or is it too dry?
  • Is it a sunny hot location or a shady spot?
  • Will it grow up into anything like power lines or the side of a building?
  • Will it be too close to other trees?
  • Can its aggressive roots damage a concrete foundation?

Planting trees and shrubs takes a lot more than simply digging a hole. When you hire Aspen Landscape Services Ltd we will:

  • Call before we dig
  • Handle with care, always lifting the tree by the base of the tree or by the root ball itself. If not planting right away keep the root ball moist.
  • Dig a proper hole, digging 2 to 5 times the diameter of the root ball sloping the sides to allow for proper root growth.
  • Ensure the planting depth id deep enough that the flare of the trunk at the root balls surface is slightly above ground level.
  • Properly handle the root ball wrapped in burlap, by untying at the crown, unfolding and cutting away to furthest edges.
  • Back fill the root ball with clean soil tamping gently in layers to fill all voids.
  • Use wood mulch to help keep roots moist. Allowing 2 inches clearance between the trunk and mulch.

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